About Us

SigEp's national vision statement is "Building Balanced Men". At MTSU, SigEp seeks leaders, scholars, athletes, and gentlemen. You have goals? Achieve them with SigEp. Explore exciting new opportunities on campus and grow as a person. Success is a journey, not a destination. Focus your journey and excel with SigEp.

Your goal is to learn; SigEp's goal is to help. Graduating with honors, developing career networks, and building lifelong friendships can all be yours with a plan. Good academics are your first priority. We expect excellence. Enhance your education and challenge yourself with SigEp.

Be part of the action. Experience the strength and trust of our brotherhood. With SigEp, your college life will be exciting and meaningful as you compete on the intramural field and excel in the classroom.

SigEps share values and class. Grow personally, build your self-confidence, and find lasting friends. Any man can wear a fraternity pin, but without character, he is not a true SigEp.

SigEp builds balanced men, leaders, scholars, athletes, and gentlemen. College acceptance is an achievement that comes with responsibility. You are here to continue your success. Sigma Phi Epsilon and its Balanced Man Program will help. Our brotherhood is different. Hazing and alcohol abuse are not acceptable. Our belief is "spirit healthy, body healthy." Seize the day and build your future with SigEp.

Our local chapter has a house off campus that has more land than most fraternity houses in the nation. We have room for activities like mud football and some of the largest events off campus. Our house is just another example of the limitless possibilities of our brotherhood.

Make sure to keep an eye out for us on campus to find out what we have going on for the Fall 2013 semester.